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Although the Six Sigma Green Belt training program differs slightly depending on the size, type, and interior construction of a company, those certified all hold the same objectives and ideals when it comes to working for their organization. Spending around 25% – 40% of their time developing and managing assignments, they are aware of and utilize numerous tools meant to create an effective working environment that is conducive to the success of specific products and to the organization itself. They can clarify the concept behind the y = f (x) formula and its significance in business and process; they are able to sketch and understand the customer-oriented basis behind Kano diagram; and they can quickly calculate long-term and short-term Sigma Six values of any given project. Individuals completing a training program will be skilled adopting the role of a trained team member operating within a defined area and level of the organization.

The  Exam Format: The exam is for four hours with multiple choice questions and ASQ requires you to have at least 3 years of work experience in an area mentioned it the Six Sigma Body of Knowledge.